Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My Second Shooter

One of the highlights of this last year for me was being able to spend so much time with Tami, Dan and the kids while they were in town. One thing I'll always remember is being able to shoot a wedding with Dan while he was in town. It was an absolute joy to have that memory with him before they headed home.

Eli: Three Months

Happy Birthday, Daddio

On March 3, 2012 my Dad turned 60 years old and to celebrate, we had a rib tasting contest. I am so upset that we didn't take pictures of the ribs, but out of the dozens that we tried, Zach and I prefered my Dad's ribs and Central BBQ's ribs. Corky's were a close third.

Preschool Olympics

This was Zachary's first ever thing to participate in. It was so fun watching him and Andrew run in a race, and accept their medals.
It was Sydney's visit in February that made me realize how big she is getting and how wonderful of a young woman she is turning into. Sydney is without a doubt one of the most nurturing, selfless 9 years old I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. I couldn't be more proud of her. Life was so crazy when she came to visit that weekend, but she just rolled with it. I think she loved playing with Jack and Clayton, and getting to spend a lot of time in the wild house.

Eli's Milk Allergy

When Eli was six months old, we figured out he had a milk allergy. After Mommy and Daddy's date night, we spent all night long with a baby boy throwing up, after having a couple ounces of formula. So after that, mommy decided to go the long haul with nursing.

Another Date Night

February and March were pretty crazy months for us... getting adjusted to life with Eli, all while living in my parents home, while we looked for a home. Luckily, we still maintained regular date nights, and living with the parents made that even easier.

6 Months Later...

So, I realized today that it has been six months since I've updated this blog, which believe it or not, has been at the top of my priority list. It's important to me that I capture the things that happen in our lives and are able to document them. That being said... bear with me as I try to catch up with everything that's happened over the past six months. I forgot to post some of the pictures from Zachary's birthday at school back in February. On his birthday, they gave him a birthday hat, and sang to him and had special treats to celebrate. It was fun watching him understand that it was a special day for him.
That morning, I made him his favorite meal, french toast and eggs. Love this kid!