Thursday, April 17, 2014

Our Family Session 2013

My dear friend, Courtney, did our family pictures this year, and I couldn't have loved them more! There was so much to celebrate this year, and all that joy is reflected in these pictures! I love my little family!! Thanks, Courtney!

Nora Still Growing

Nora at 7 Months. I didn't write anything that month...

Here's what I wrote at 8 Months: "My sweet girl is 8 months old. At 8 months, she is very laid back, and calm, but is LOUD! Her babbling is almost always a loud squeal. She is getting a little better with solids, but is still reserved with food. She loves playing with her brothers and has the most adorable laugh you've ever heard. She has been sick for about a month, so is still struggling some during the night. Her hair is wilder than ever, but she is just as precious as ever. We love you, sweet girl!"

Starting the New Year | Liz Running

Somewhere near the beginning of December, I decided I wanted to learn how to run. I knew I could do it, but knew I didn't have a clue where to start. With the help of some family, accountability and experienced runners, I bought my first good pair of running shoes, and got to it!

Five months later, we are still working out regularly, and trying to watch what we eat. We are determined to raise healthier children, and live healthier for them.

Christmas Adventures 2013

It was such a great Christmas season this year, with our family finally complete. We did it all... starry nights, The Enchanted Forest, Snowy nights at Botanic Gardens, started quite a few family traditions, made cookies, and lots of hot chocolate. The Shackelford clan came down with the world's most contagious stomach bug that lasted from Christmas Day through New Years, so our normal Christmas traditions were postponed until the beginning of 2014.

All in all, it was a wonderful Christmas!

Eli's Finger Episode (AKA one of the hardest days of my life)

I had just pulled into a restaurant parking lot in Paragould, AR, to get my thoughts and papers organized before shooting a wedding a couple weekends before Christmas. It was a snowy, cold day, and all my thoughts were focused on hoping it would warm up a bit so we could get some outdoor pictures.

That was until I got the phone call. Zach called me in a panic, because Eli's finger was slammed in the hinge side of a door, causing the finger tip to be severed.

The rest was a bit of a blur. I somehow pulled myself together to shoot the wedding, while staying on the phone with Zach and my family for updates on whether or not the finger tip could be saved, and then throughout the surgery and throughout all the painful details of the day. My assistant, Courtney could not have been more helpful. She saved me that day, and I was so grateful she was there.

The team at LeBonheur was AMAZING. We were so blessed to have such a great team of people working to make sure he had the best care possible.

Words cannot express how hard it was not being able to hold my baby boy that day, but there are also no words to describe how good it felt to be home with him that night. It was a long 2 weeks of recovery, antibiotics and pain medicine, but he has made a full recovery.

Eli Turned Two

My sweet Eli turned two on December 7. What can we say about Eli? He is the life of almost every party. He is HILARIOUS. He loves to pick on his siblings. Come to think about it, he loves to pick on almost every one. He's a bit of a spitfire. All energy, ALL THE TIME. He loves to push the limits, as most two year olds do. He just does it with a little more energy.

That being said, he has the biggest heart. He cried when others cries, and gets excited when he sees other people experiencing joy. You can tell he has a tender spirit. I'm SO proud of everything he is and so grateful God chose me to be his mom. I can't wait to see what's ahead for this wild little man.

Our Fall

Our fall is a bit of a blur. That is always my busy season filled with weddings, family sessions, holiday preparations, and SICK kids. I think there was someone sick every day of the fall this past year. We saw it all, from respiratory stuff to stomach bugs, to a major trip to LeBonheur for a surgery. That is a post of it's own that I'll post soon. For now, here is a bit of our fall via cell phone.