Friday, February 17, 2012

Eli at Two Months

Eli turned two months a couple weeks ago.

Some things to note:
-His smiles are getting bigger and much more frequent.
-He LOVES his brother and stares at him constantly.
-He weighs 13 pounds.
-He sleeps about 5-6 hours consecutively every night, and has slept 8 hours a couple nights.
-For the most part, he's a pretty easy baby. He cries when he's tired or hungry.

Zachary's Birthday Party

Zachary LOVES, LOVES, LOVES building blocks, so I thought a "block party" was the way to go with this party. It turned out so cute and I think all the kids (old and young) had fun building.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Five on Friday

1. Zachary's second birthday is today. We're having his party tomorrow. I've been working all week on the details. Zach keeps telling me that I've gotten carried away. It's possible... and I only have pinterest to blame.

2. Eli slept from 11:00-5:30 last night. That's the longest he's gone so far. Yesterday he slept from 11:00-4:45. Maybe we're approaching the sleeping all night thing??

3. I returned back to work this past week. It felt good to get out of the house and be behind the camera, but I'm realizing how hard it is to get the editing done. Maybe waking up at 5:00 or 5:30 every day will help.

4. We joined a gym this week. It has child care and lots of classes. I'm looking forward to getting myself back in shape.

5. While living at my parents house has gone much smoother than we could have expected, Zach and I can't seem to stop internet surfing for homes. We probably have another 3-4 months before we actually move, but it's still fun to look. I can't wait until we really start looking.

Happy Two Year Old Birthday, Zachary!

I have journals for each of the boys, that I try to write in at least yearly. On Zachary's second birthday, this is my journal entry...


I cannot believe it's been two years since the day I first met you. One of the greatest joys in my life is watching you transform from a sweet newborn baby into a child with an opinion and independence. Approaching two has brought on many challenges, mainly lots of temper tantrums and exerting your independence. You are very strong-willed as we approach your second year of life, but to be honest, I wouldn't have it any other way. I love that you know what you want and are willing to take a stand on the things you feel strongly about. Your dad and I pray regularly that as you get older, that you will see the plan God has for you and that those strengths of yours will be used for his Kingdom. While we try to teach you more kind ways to express yourself, we also are so proud of the boy you are. We wouldn't change it for anything.

You are in such a cute, fun age where so much of what you do has us laughing. You are starting to talk and are using about 30-40 words in your daily vocabulary. The most frequent of those "cookie, please, help, no, yeah, milk, eat, up, night-night, and i-luh (for i love you). There are few things that melt my heart than hearing your sweet voice.

Your favorite things right now are books, building blocks, balls, and of course, balloons. I have never seen anything like your love for balloons. Every time you get one, you won't put it down for hours, you won't eat when there is one close, and you get REALLY mad when you have to go to bed without it.

I love the way you love to snuggle. You almost refuse to watch any type of movie or video unless someone is there to hold you while you watch it. Every night when we start carrying you up the stairs for bed, you lay your head on our shoulder and stay there while we read you books, sing to you and then finally tuck you in. I could hold you every minute of the day, and honestly... I think you'd be ok with that.

I'm SO proud of you, Zachary! I can't wait to see what being two brings for you!

I love you,