Sunday, July 31, 2011

20 Weeks

I guess we can call this the halfway point...

Friday, July 29, 2011

For Sale

Our house is officially back on the market. This time, we're prepared to take the hit we've been dreading, which means we hope we can sell it fairly quickly. Right now, it's been on the market for a week, but we still haven't had any calls. For now, I'm keeping it clean and organized.. which is a very strange process for me.

Wish us luck.

Wiggs Family Vacation: Northern Style

This past year, we decided to try something different and vacation up north, instead of doing our regular beach thing. We started our vacation in St. Joseph, MI, where my life-long friend, Jessica lives.

It's a BEAUTIFUL beach town with a lot to do with young kids. Syd really enjoyed it and I LOVED having a few days with my best friend and getting to be a part of her life.

Here is Syd's self portrait during the road trip.

On our first day there, the girls decided to have a spa day, where we got our nails done. I wish I had taken a picture of the crazy-cool flowers Sydney had painted on her toes.

Our girl picture:

The boys' picture:

The next day was Father's Day, so we got up and did our traditional Father's Day breakfast: Beignets and Coffee. Here's a very proud Daddy:

A few other things we did while in Michigan.. PLENTY of time at the fountain area (Syd's favorite place), the beach, a Kid's funhouse and some shopping around the downtown area.

While we were still in St. Joe's, Zach and Josh drove over to Chicago, where Zach got to check something off his life's to-do list... go to a Cub's game.

Syd lost her first molar while we were in Michigan. She was very excited to see what the Michigan tooth fairy brought.

Jess is pregnant with her first baby, a sweet boy, so I had to take some maternity pictures while we were there.

So, after we left Michigan, we went to Chicago, where we spent a couple days. The biggest reason for our Chicago trip was so that Syd could visit the American Girl store. We stayed at the Wyndham, and spent a LOT of time at the American Girl store.

The rest of time we were in Chicago, we hustled to make sure we could see everything we wanted to. We went to the Navy Pier, Gino's Pizza, tried Chicago-style hot dogs, took a boat tour and much, much more.

Here a couple of my favorite family pictures from the trip:

Back At It

After a lot of thought, I've decided to dust off this old blog and start it back up. About 6 months ago, I turned this blog into a book with, which got me to thinking that keeping this blog updated would be the PERFECT way to document the major things (and a lot of silly insignificant ones) going on in our life.

I have no idea how much I'll blog or how much I'll update... but with our house on the market, a sweet girl that lives three hours away, a boy that's about to turn 18 months, a baby on the way, an international adoption in the works, and a husband I'm madly in love with, I decided I need to get better about keeping up with it all, because I don't want to this special time in our lives to pass us by.

So, that being said... feel free to follow it, or not. I can't promise it will be that exciting. I just need a place to record all the moments I don't want to forget.