Thursday, September 22, 2011

Zachary's Favorite Place

A few weeks ago, I set up a little table for Zachary in my office. It's his place to color and draw. I had no idea he would love it as much as he does. If it was up to him, he'd stay there all day.

If I turn my head for a second (like this morning while cleaning up the kitchen), this is what I'll find.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cotton Fields

Here are a few pictures of my big 19 month old boy in the cotton fields near our house...

Waiting for Eli | 28 Weeks

Things happening at 28 weeks...

-I really can't complain. I am pretty comfortable most of the times. I have to use a pillow while working on my computer for long periods of time, but nothing compared to with Zachary at this point.

-I have had PLENTY of energy lately, so I've been taking advantage of it.

-No cravings at all this time around..

-I've gained about 20-25 pounds thus far. Ugh.

-I LOVE LOVE LOVE feeling him move. This is quite likely my last pregnancy, so I am soaking in all those little kicks and movements.

-I stole a body pillow from my parent's house, and it has become my new best friend at nights. I'm not sure I'm going to be able to give it up in three months.

-So far, Eli's been doing perfectly. This pregnancy is much smoother than with Zachary. We've only had two ultrasounds, compared to about 15 with Zachary at this point. It's kind of nice being able to relax and enjoy feeling this sweet baby boy growing inside me.

Sydney is Nine!

This post is way overdo, but it still hasn't sunk in that our sweet girl is nine years old. She was in town the weekend of her birthday to celebrate, so we had a little birthday party for her, and then took her to Sweet and Sassy with her good friend, McKayia. Later that night, McKayia spent the night and they had a sleepover, where Zach and I were their servants for the entire night. We made them popcorn, got them their drinks, and brought them food whenever they requested it.

Things I love about Syd at this age...

1. She is beginning to enjoy trying new things
2. She is still as sweet as ever, and truly has servant's heart-- she is quick to share and include everyone in whatever activity is going on. She loves to help out.
3. She TRULY hates to see people suffer.
4. She works hard
5. She loves reading
6. She loves school (Social Studies is her favorite subject right now)
7. She loves sports, but also loves all things artistic.
8. She has SO much joy in her little personality.
9. She is nine, but is not too cool for build-a-bear
10. She loves all her brothers and sisters, and is SO good with them.

Here are a few pictures from the weekend!

First up, Syd's birthday pictures. Syd and I stayed up the night before making her headbands and necklace.

Here are some of the pictures from her party... Her dad made a jellybean field day for the kids.

And here are some pictures from McKayia and Syd's day at Sweet and Sassy.

Happy Birthday, sweet girl! We love you SOOO much!!