Wednesday, October 29, 2008


*My husband is home from his trip to Miami. It seems that he had a good, growing, and thought-provoking time. You can read about his trip here. I'm enjoying hearing everything the trip had to offer. I'm also enjoying having a warm (human) body next to me again in bed.

*November is a crazy month, photography-wise. Right now, I have 18 photoshoots booked for the month, with just 5 openings left. Please email me at if you're interested. In the meantime, I've been editing like a mad woman. I've posted more pictures from this weekend on my photography blog.

*I filled up my car today for $2.19/ gallon. $2.19!!! I think I may throw a party to celebrate.

*I'm feeling extraordinarily grateful this week for good friends and good family. I've got a lot to smile about.

*I'm officially over my crud that's been plaguing me for the past month. Whoo Hoo! I can finally celebrate the arrival of fall!

*Things have been so busy around here lately, I'm looking forward to small group tonight- a chance to rest and connect with people I love.

*I'm headed to Paris, TN this weekend for several photoshoots and also to spend some much needed time with my brother, sis-in-law, and my nephews. I can't wait!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Christmas Cards 2008

My Christmas Card Designs for 2008 are ready! You can see the samples and get all the information here! I'm SO excited about these!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Catching Up

My husband is out of town, so I've had tons of time to catch up on work. Laurel and Sharon, your orders are in and your cds are ready! I've posted two new sessions on my photography blog and I'm hoping to have my Christmas card samples posted soon. If you can read this- don't make any Christmas Card plans just yet!!! :)

Nicole, your pictures will be coming soon- hopefully tonight.

Zach, if you can read this, I'm trying to get all caught up, and will hopefully be all yours when you return on Sunday. I love you and miss you! Eat some Cuban food for me!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My poor husband...

My poor husband is leaving town tomorrow for the CCDA conference in Miami. Miami, of all places. Besides the airport, I've never been, but I've heard it's an absolutely boring town with nothing to do. I hope he manages to have some fun while he's down there. Really- I feel so bad for him.

Truthfully, I'm ecstatic that he has this opportunity to attend. Zach has some big passions and big ideals when it comes to bridging the gap created by diversity within the city of Memphis. This conference will address all of that and so much more. And he's able to attend with some good friends, which will make it that much better for him (since Miami is the horribly boring town that it is). I'm eager to see what this conference can help accomplish in our lives here.

Now... what am I to do for 4 whole days by myself while my husband parties it up in Miami?? Giant tub of ice cream- check. Girly movies- check. Nice long bubble baths- check. Two new books- check. Lots of photo editing without listening to my wonderful husband complain about how much time I'm spending on the computer- check.

Seriously, hon- I will miss you. I'm happy for your trip, but will be thrilled when you return. I love you.
In 2004, I was finishing college and working as the 10:00 news producer for WBBJ, the small ABC affiliate in Jackson, TN. My news director approached me one day to tell me he had hired another young girl, fresh out of school, for a reporter position.

The day I met Anne Pressly, I instantly fell in love with her. She ended up moving a few doors down from me, in my my apartment complex. She was beautiful, fun, fresh, sassy, and bubbly. When I showed up at her apartment for the first time, it was decorated perfectly, in soft blue and white. She had the cutest dog, Clementine, who was equally as charming. I was fascinated with her style and energy. Anne instantly lit up a room when she walked through it.
Anne only stayed at WBBJ for a short time, before heading to KATV in Little Rock, where she has since rooted herself as a reporter. I was upset to lose her at WBBJ, but was so thrilled for her career.
Today, Anne needs our prayer. If you get a moment, pray for God's grace to shine through for this family. Anne, we're praying for you and thinking about you. I know God will wrap his arms around you, providing even more strength for you in this situation.

Monday, October 20, 2008

More Fab 4

Jaren's Fab Four Jonesboro pictures are up! They're SOO good. You can check them out here. Thanks again, girls!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Holy Cow... I'm recovering from the greatest weekend ever! Last night, Zach and I met up with Jake and Nicole Eaton. Zach and Jake played basketball together at Union. Nicole and I never really knew each other in college, but over the past few months, we've been talking via the internet. She is also passionate about photography and all things artsy. She was in town visiting her parents, and they were nice enough to invite us for a bbq. While we were there, I did a small photoshoot for her family. After that we hung out, ate, talked photography, and the boys got to talk sports. She even bought me a birthday cake!! Nicole, we HAVE to do it again soon. Here's a little sneak peak from their family. I'll have more posted on my photography blog soon.

This morning, I woke up early to drive to Jonesboro to meet my "Fab Four"- a completely cool name that Jaren, Jamie, Anne Camille, and I have given ourselves. We interact at least 20 times a week, talking photography and editing. You can see the links to their websites on the right of my page. They live in Mountain Home, and rarely ever do we ever get to talk in person, so we decided to meet in the middle. I'm not sure downtown Jonesboro was ready for us! I could've stayed there all day long. I had such a good time and learned SOOOO much. I don't know what I'd do without you three! Thanks again for all you do! I can't wait until next time!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Countdown to 27

My countdown to 27 has officially started. My birthday is Monday, October 20th, and I've got a great weekend in store. I went to see "The Express" (great movie) with an incredible group of friends last night. I've got a photoshoot this morning, a bbq with friends tonight, and I'm meeting my fab four in Jonesboro for a day trip tomorrow. Zach will be wining me and dining me on Monday, so overall- a lot to be excited about.

A few updates: first of all, I just wanted to say thank you to my family for being so giving and generous. Tori and Lee, I'm sitting here staring at my new beautiful camera strap, while I'm trying to figure out how to work the french press Dan and Tami sent me. I'm running late, so I'm about to give up and run by Starbucks with the gift card Fred and Jennifer gave me. I'm definitely part of a family that knows how to spoil a girl on her birthday. And Mom and Dad, - after my photoshoot, I thought I'd do a little birthday shopping trip with the money you and the grandparents gave me. I want each of you to know that I love your gifts and your consistent encouragement and presence, but it's your love that I cherish. I don't know how I'd survive without each of you. Thank you so much to all of you for making this a wonderful birthday.

On a side note, harvest season has begun in the Wiggs home. :) I finally grew a watermelon... that was red inside!! I've probably got a hundred sweet potatoes in the yard right now, ready to be dug up. And I can't get enough of my fried green tomatoes. I never expected this part of gardening to be so fun! I'm loving the weather, the food, the season, the time with family and friends. There's a lot to be grateful for right now!

I'll post more about the weekend soon.

Monday, October 13, 2008

-I love knowing your love is consistent when sometimes it feels like the walls of life are closing in around me.
-I love that your heart aches when I cry.
-I love the sweet cards you bring home after our dumb fights.
-I love the way you love to talk to God.
-I love how your body melts against mine when we finally settle into bed.
-I love how warm your feet always feel up against my cold toes.
-I love having you on my team.
-I love it when you get all high-maintenance about the house being messy.
-I love the way you miss me when I'm gone.
-I love our long, overly-analytical talks in the car.
-I love watching you dance in front of the mirror.
-I love watching you listen to music.
-I love the way you lose yourself in your own thoughts.
-I love your heart and how it aches for God's greatness.
-I love you.

Honey, I can honestly say I love you more right now than ever before. You consistently amaze me. See you tonight.

**my apologies to anyone who is intensely grossed out by very blatant public displays of affections, such as this.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunday with Syd

Spending time with Sydney is a lot like Christmas, I spend days and days looking forward to it... and as soon as it is over, I have to remind myself it's ok and that it will come again. I love this girl SOOOOO much. Today, we took Syd to pick out a pumpkin. She got to design it and Zach carved it. We went to lunch, took her to dance practice, and hung out at the park. It wasn't nearly enough time, but it was some of the most meaningful few hours I've had in a month.

Everytime I pull out the camera, Syd insist on playing photographer. She's a lot like me in the fact that she enjoys taking pictures much more than being in front of the camera. Well, I'm definitely not one to stifle her desire to capture life, so I thought I'd showcase a few of her pictures. Very nice job, Syd!

Dash and Splash

On Friday night, Fred, Jennifer, Corey and Melody all participated in a race/swim here in Memphis.

About two months ago, I signed up to run in the race, but characteristically, I bailed... basically because running/training makes me want to vomit, kick, and scream. Which makes me even more proud of these four! I can't say it enough... you guys were incredible! Congratulations!

And one more time, Happy Birthday, Jennifer!!!!!

Bryan Turns 40!

Zach and I are sitting here on the couch, enjoying some fish sticks, cookies, and ice cream, while catching up on our DVR from the past few days. We are back at home after one of the most eventful weekends we have had in a while. Since Thursday night, we've been spending the night with mom and dad, so we could enjoy even more family time when Fred, Jennifer, and the boys came in town. I'll post more on that in a few minutes, but first, our good friend, Angie, threw her husband, Bryan the coolest 40th surprise party ever. The whole thing was 80's themed. Bryan and Angie have one of thoe most energetic and fun families I know. They are also huge Bama fans... putting them at the top of Zach's list.

Angie, your party was one of the best I've ever attended! And Bryan, Happy Birthday, old man!