Friday, January 2, 2015

A look back...

This year, I will focus less on trying to document every single thing we do, and focus more on the memories we are building and the milestones we have conquered. I hope to do a better job at capturing the personalities of our family.

In 2014, we had some challenges. We experienced job loss, new adventures, and milestones. We wept together, we prayed a LOT, and we squealed out of celebration. When I look back at 2014, I look at a year of growth. In 2014, my marriage was strengthened, my relationships deepened, my faith grew. I am so grateful for this past year, but I am SO excited to move forward to new adventures.

That being said, here are a few things to document since my last round of updates.

Zachary turned 4. Here are some things I wrote on his special day.
"This morning, I was greeted with the sweetest four year old running into my room, bouncing around, saying "Mommy!! I just turned four!"

Four years ago, I became a mother for the very first time. Four years ago, I learned what it was like to love someone so unconditionally. Four years ago, God gave me the most perfect gift. Four years ago, I met the most beautiful baby boy I'd ever seen for the very first time. We are so very proud of everything our big boy is growing into. We love his determination, his desire to learn, his quirkiness, his big heart, and his love for life. Our house would not be the same without him! Happy Fourth Birthday, Baby Boy!!

Nora turned 1. Here are some things I jotted down on her first birthday.

"One year ago, God gave me the greatest surprise I could have ever dreamed of. I am so glad that He always knows better than us! Nora is the sweetest, silliest little girl. She has such a calm, independent spirit, but you can tell she's going to be a tough little thing. She is our little angel. Happy Birthday, sweet girl. We are SO proud of everything you are!"

Sydney turned 12. Oh my. How did she turn 12???

"When I married your dad 7 years ago, I also married one of the most beautiful spirits and little girls I'd ever met. Your were gentle, kind, giving, nurturing and straight fun to be around. 7 years later as you turn 12, you're exactly the same. I cannot imagine my family without you. Thank you, Sydney, for everything you are to us and the kids. We love you more than life and I'm so proud you get to be my bonus daughter. 😘😘 Happy 12th Birthday!!!!

Eli turned 3. Here are my notes for that little wild man.
"Three years ago, I met my very handsome Eli for the very first time. He came into the world active and loud! Those first few weeks were definitely an adventure, which is appropriate for my adventure-loving boy. He loves Spider-Man, wrestling with just about anyone, cuddling at the right moments, and making people laugh. I love his wild, passionate spirit!! I can't wait to see what three brings you, Eli Samuel! We are so proud of everything you are!!!"

Here are a few more pictures from 2014. I love this family of mine!

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