Friday, January 9, 2015

Five on Friday

1. Zach and I are shooting another wedding tomorrow. I will always cherish this time with him. I love watching him work, and the time we get together, just the two of us.

2. Zachary's birthday party is coming up. We made all the plans this week. In his words, "Mom. I want this to be the best party ever. I want all my friends to be there AND my teachers. Like, 100 people, mommy. ALL the people." Hmmm.... Maybe he'll settle for 10?

3. Eli is potty training, and to be honest, he's done an AMAZING job. On the second day, he would run into the bathroom on his own, without asking for help or anything. That being said, I picked him up from Mother's Day Out this week, and he I asked him what his favorite part of the week was, and the conversation went a little something like this....
   Me: "Eli, tell me about your day. What was your favorite part?"
   Eli: "The part where I pooped on the floor."
   Me: "Ummm... I'm sorry. What? When did you poop on the floor? In the bathroom? On accident?"
   Eli: "No. On the rug, in my classroom. On purpose."
   Me: "Eli! Why would you do something like that?"
   Eli: "Because all my friends laughed."

Tonight he told me the whole story was just pretend. Needless to say, I have questions for his teachers on Monday. 

4. Nora became friends with a batman mask this week. And she wants to be batman ALL.THE.TIME. And makes the most adorable "I'm BAT-man!" sound when she wears it.

5. Sydney's basketball schedule is picking up more and more now. She is turning into quite the athlete. She started back to school and is now playing school ball. She'll be here next weekend. We are all SO excited!

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